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What are SlamSatS?
In the book 'Dutch Treat', Zil talks with mules in what traditionally are called Satsangs. But he does it in a slammin' way, being a mule and all. So in his case, they are called SlamSatS. This is what Zil has to say about it to the audience that attended his first and so far only series:

“Dear guys and girls,

We are about to engage in a series of what this mule Zil calls 'SlamSatS'. Although that which we are pursuing has no form and is older than the world, older than time in fact, the way we will be pursuing it does have a form, and it may strike some as 'new'. It isn't, it is just a variation on the ancient 'neti-neti' - not this, not that - approach, be it using a modern vocabulary and expanding itself to persons, enlightened beings and everything else you might hold holy.

Remember as we go on: if you take something personally, look at what it is in you that takes it personally, because it will be something that still thinks it's a person. Mind you, even mules in full view can get insulted. But that would be on topics like their car or their wife. On matters concerning realization they cannot be insulted, because their certainty is not on that level. If, concerning realization, any feelings of hurt or insult might come up in them anyhow, both the insult and the insulter for them will be the source of deep gratitude, because it means something lit up that subsequently was destroyed by the mere fact it was in full view.


All in all, these SlamSatS won't be for sissy mules.
If you can't stand it, leave.
If you can, reap.


(confirming sounds)

Let's Rock 'n' Roll.”

As stated, the first series of SlamSatS has landed in the book Dutch Treat. But that isn't the end of it. In the Conversation with Mulekind, new questions are conceived which spark off a whole new series of SlamSatS. For further information, see the section Mulekind elsewhere on this site. Every mule that has bought the book and has made his or her personal profile, may buy these SlamSatS and add them to their own book online. That way, they can have their own custom made series of SlamSatS that optimally suits their specific profile of stupidity.