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What is Mulekind?
The words 'mule' and 'mulekind' appear regularly in the book 'Dutch Treat' by Zil Chezero. Here is an explanation, backed by quotations from the book.

You might say that mulekind is just another word for humanity, and basically you would be right. But with that you would miss the point here, since there is a sound reason to adress humanity as mulekind. This is because mule is a fine expression of what a human really is: 'Stupid, infertile and hopelessly on the wrong level of existence', as Zil subtly puts it...

"Mule is strong, stubborn, should be humble by the looks of it but rather hilariously isn't, makes the awkwardest sound you could imagine and most of all - it's infertile.

Imagine life starting eons ago with some green drab, gradually evolving into floating things in the sea, getting bigger, crawling on land, becoming dinos, becoming mammals and then, after an unbroken chain of millions and millions of years of father-mother-child breeding, evolutionarily getting involved in an accident - on the one hand a horse and on the other hand a donkey and they mate... eeek! End of line. Evolution stops right there. Now think of that infinite sadness for a moment. Every mule is an evolutionary accident that kills a line that goes straight back to the very origin of life. Every mule is the first and last of its kind. It's the ultimate evolutionary laughing stock."

Is that bad? It is if you're still attached to your image, your heroism, your future... in short if you still think you are a person. But it isn't bad for Zil:

"... this tragedy also has a benefit. Mule is free from any possible evolutionary ambitions, free from any 'leaving behind', 'making a mark' or any other abstract burden. The fact that it does not breed sets it free from the only future-related task it can possibly have as an animal.

So isn't it nice that this image of the mule fits Zil? Zil's what's left of a person that bit by bit had to give up any illusions of being something or someone, having anything - including past, future and now. There is no entity called person, knows Zil."

Does this muleness apply to Zil only? Alas...

"You were hoping this would account for Zil only, weren't you?

I'll admit that was true for a while...

Don't be ashamed, you're in good company. Very few of us know they are mules. Most think they are quite something else. They think they shape the future. Their own future, the future of mankind... Their idea of a meaningful life lies in the future. For women it's often the children, for men it's often something in society. Both sexes want to breed, strife for a meaningful life, want to leave something for the future generations - preferably in the shape of a monument to themselves. Now, of what animal does that description remind you?


Time's up. The best animal to fit the description of the ambitious human is the stallion. Oh yes it wants to breed! It's got one of the biggest dongs in the animal kingdom and it's gonna use it as much as it can. Mothers watch your daughters! It's proud, dominant, beautiful to see, moody - it exposes every trait you associate with successful humans. It carries princes and heroes. It's noble, it's great!

And it's a misunderstanding. Because everything it stands for is an illusion. There are only mules - and even they don't exist. But when we for the sake of the argument suggest that there is some existence of any kind, there are only mules. Two kinds of mules: a small group of mules that know they are mules and a massive group of mules that think they are stallions. A pathetic sight. A tragedy."

Chew on that, sucker!