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What is the Conversation with Mulekind?
In the Conversation with Mulekind, questions are being conceived that fit in a certain spot in Dutch Treat. Since Dutch Treat comprises of a single conversation with a couple of simple mules, chances are that certain questions are not asked, and thus certain answers are not given. The book has been prepared for a correction of this omission, because in both the physical as the online version every paragraph in Dutch Treat is numbered, which subsequently in the online version is narrowed down to every sentence.

Every copy of the physical version of the book has its own code, which enables its owner to obtain a profile and join in for the Conversation with Mulekind. Within the forum facilities of the Conversation, these mules propose and discuss possible questions or remarks to be inserted in any location in the book. Daily there is a vote for the best formulation of every question. The aim of this is to get the question at to at least an interpersonal level, and to see if there is a public for this question and its answer. If a sufficient amount of mules decide that a question should be asked, this will be proposed to Zil. At that moment the question becomes a Major Question of Mulekind. It's up to Zil to accept the question or remark. Once Zil decides to do that, the question has gained the hereditary title of Grand Question of Mulekind. Every mule that has indicated to be interested in the answer, will be noticed by e-mail that the answer is available. Next to that, the Grand Questions of Mulekind will be posted in the site.

The answer that Zil will give is not simply an answer, but a virtual SlamSatS in its own right. The question will be seen as posed by a new character and taken into a new conversation, which may last for several pages. This is because behind every question there is a whole new realm of stupidity, which can and will be explored by Zil. The new SlamSatS can be bought by mules and is thus added to their own version of the online book. Once a Grand Question is addressed, the added text becomes part of the book, is numbered per sentence and can provoke new questions. As such, the 'stem' formed by Dutch Treat, becomes a whole tree with branches that can sprout everywhere along the way.

As time goes by and sufficient questions are being asked, sparking off new SlamSatS, the tree will be able to accommodate the specific profile of interest and stupidity of every mule 'climbing' it. Every new question can be found at the particular joint and mules may purchase the SlamSatS answering it. After purchase the new SlamSatS will be added to the profile of the mule in question. This way, every reader can assemble his or her own 'tree'.