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Of course it's hard to find out if anyone applying for membership of this site is really a celeb... but celebs have their ways and so have we!

Just use the form which you can find at the bottom of this page. Fill in your famous name and be sure to fill in your contact person. This contact is what it's all about. It should be someone working at a big attorney, law or accountancy organization that easily can be found on the internet. Just give the name of it, we'll find it if it's big enough. Then we'll call the front office and next it's all up to you to make sure we can reach this person. Give us a key word and see to it that when we use that word, all systems in this company will go into hyper drive to get us in touch with your contact person. But beware: we won't do anything if your contact person has not sent us an email with exactly the same key word first, clearly coming from the organization!

Should be easy for you to organize this or you're not celeb at all...

Simple, isn't it?

If it all works out, you will receive your personal celeb code via your contact person. The fee for your membership will be communicated to your contact person.

Application form for celebs

YES, I'm a celeb and this is my famous name: *

This is what I'm famous for: *

This is my contact person: *

(Organization, country, location of office) *

This is the key word: *

I will make sure that he/she will mail the same key word from his/her office to '', and will use my celeb power to have you escorted through this organization red carpet style.

Fields marked with a * are required!