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About the book 'Dutch Treat'
Dear seeker,

You'll just have to live with it - you missed out. You are not one of the lucky few who were to meet Zil Chezero and join him for satsang - SlamSatS, as he fittingly calls it. He came into their lives the same way as he vanished again - in a flash. But not before he had made a lasting impression on those lives, devastatingly clearing the ground for new flowers to blossom on the barren soil...

In just four sessions, Zil did what he set out to do and then was gone with the wind. But not all is lost. To at least get a glimpse of the man, we have Deirdre Delder's story. And what's more, the sessions were recorded and have been transcribed into this book. So why bemoan missing out on witnessing the moment at which Zil's words were uttered, when you can turn to the words themselves? They are about you. But not any you that you would normally recognize as you. Let's give the mike to Zil: “...all of that is not you, it is taking place in you. 'In' and 'you' being beyond your perception and imagination.”

You can explore the implications of this and much, much more in this unique, humorous and cutting-edge document. So you're lucky after all -
if you're not faint-hearted.

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