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Welcome to the homepage of Zil Chezero
Welcome! This is the Zil Chezero Central Page. Did you buy the book 'Sigaar uit eigen doos' and do you want to enlist for the Conversation with Mulekind? Do it here.

For all others: in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Zil Chezero has shared with a small group of people ('mules' in his vocabulary) his deep insight of what we really are - or better: are not. Normally you would call this satsang, but he has such a special style that his own description 'SlamSatS' is quite appropriate...

After four sessions he had enough and we may well never see him back. The book is the residue of these four sessions. Curious? Buy it here (Dutch translation). For more explanations about all kinds of topics including the book, go to the buttons on the left.

Have fun, kid...